We are a group of all aged players looking to have a little exercise and fun. Please read the wall message if you join our team. See you on the courts

Sport Pickleball
Home city Dighton,, MA
Team members 231 (Player list)
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Contact Information

Contact person: Deborah Klibanoff, 774-226-6707

 Welcome to Dighton Pickleball


We have to share the courts with tennis players, so please when you are done with the net return it to the side next to the chain link fence. If the tennis players have to move them, I’m sure they will not be very gentle. The four nets were new last Spring and one has been repaired already so a little housekeeping. The white net is fragile and it takes three people to move it. One on each end and one in the middle picking up the net from the BOTTOM bars, then transferring it to the fence. The orange nets are sturdier and they take two people to move , each person can pick it up from the top pole and transfer it to the fence. The white one goes against the fence with the orange in front. This keeps the wind from blowing them over. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Also, please sign up on the website if you are going to play. Simply click on the “in” button if you are coming, and if you change your mind click on the “out” button. I know a lot of you did not sign in last year, but with 151 players in the League now , its important you sign in. Also the town keeps track of how many people are using the facility and that’s how we get funding to buy equipment. If you have any trouble signing in , let me know. If it asks for a password, the password is pickleball, all one word, all lowercase.

The court closet to the basketball court will be the designated beginner court. The rest of the courts are for intermediate and advanced. YOU determine your level and play with people you feel are on your level. Anyone who doesn’t have a court will rotated in as the game ends.

Tuesday night there will be instructions for beginners .